Investment management is the specialised ability to build outcome-based solutions determined by time horizons and risk appetite. This includes both, creating generic solutions as well as bespoke solutions. There are strategic and tactical methods employed when creating these solutions. With an ongoing effort to refine the process and deliver on objectives. FAIRTREE INVEST is tasked by FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Investment Management and Investment Planning?

Investment Management will construct and manage both, generic and bespoke solutions based on general time horizons and risk. It blends assets into a solution construct designed to achieve a specific purpose.

Investment Planning is applying the correct solution to the personal needs and goals of an individual client. It engages on a personal level with each client and creates a client portfolio designed to meet that client’s specific investment goals. These goals are achieved by aligning the client’s needs, risk appetite and investment time horizon to the correct solution.

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How do we construct our portfolios?

FAIRTREE INVEST bridges the gap between Asset Managers and Financial Advisors to speak to the needs of the client. Through this they leverage information from both sides of the industry expertise. Defining the needs and goals of the client through FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT, FAIRTREE INVEST constructs the portfolio with a unique set of skills that combine the skill of a Financial Advisor and an Asset Manager. This is achieved by direct access to professional research and investment skills of FAIRTREE ASSET MANAGEMENT. This simultaneously, allows for robust and relevant portfolio construction.

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