Tax-Free Savings plans are a simple and tax-efficient savings solution that provides returns that are completely tax-free. There are annual and lifetime contribution limits in place, meaning that tax benefits is greatly enhanced the earlier one invests.


  • All growth on this investment is completely tax-free but is subject to legislated contribution limits.
  • Customise your investment portfolio to your needs, financial circumstances and risk appetite.
  • All fees levied are completely transparent.
  • No Initial Administration Fees – No initial administration fees are levied on this investment.
  • Low Annual Administration Fees.
  • Access to your money (Important Note: Your annual and lifetime contributions will not be reinstated if you withdraw your investment).
  • Financial Advisors – You may choose to appoint a Financial Advisor (if required).
  • Regular Reporting – We provide regular and easy to understand investment reports.
  • For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the Tax-Free Savings Plan Information Document, available in the Forms and Documents section.

Our Solutions


The Fairtree Worldwide Multi-Strategy Flexible Prescient Fund aims to provide maximum long term growth by investing in a diversified blend of worldwide assets and strategies. The objective is to provide
competitive after inflation annualized returns measured in rand over a 5 year period.

“Because with us, it’s all about the journey.”

Fairtree Private Client (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. (FSP 12179)