Fairtree is steadfast and avid about allocating our time and financial resources toward making a meaningful impact in the lives of people in vulnerable communities. As a result, the Fairtree Foundation was launched with the specific focus on the following objectives:

Support Vulnerable Communities:
  • Support communities that need upliftment
  • Holistic care for vulnerable children.
  • ECD (Early Childhood Development) related programmes
  • Health care services and primary healthcare education
  • Contribute to increased access to the economy for all and eradicating poverty

Success is not measured solely on accumulation for self, but rather on the legacy that emanates from generosity.

Partner Organisations

Feedback stories from our partner, life Child

Amila is a born leader. She loves counting and can count up to 50. She is very helpful in the classroom, always assisting her classmates and staying involved.

Lelomso, who was previously withdrawn, has come out of her shell and now enjoys playing with her friends. She loves doing puzzles.

Olungaka has a delightful and fun personality. She loves the maths and is able to count to 20.

Andakhe is a vibrant and outgoing little boy. He enjoys learning language. He is practices writing his name on the chalkboard.

Milani has an outgoing personality. She loves to dance and sing. She loves to be in the front row!

“Because with us, it’s all about the journey.”

Fairtree Private Client (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. (FSP 12179)