Octofin Consult was Founded

Founded in 2006, Lombard Barnard began Octofin Consult which transfigured into what we know today as FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT. He always had a drawing to the financial industry, and today has an adept track record. Beginning as a financial advisor with Sanlam in 1997 until 2006, his desire was to always bring transparency to clients about the vast investment opportunities, platforms and products available.

He desired to create a business that was mutually exclusive to tied agents, in other words- an independent broker house. In this way, he could source the best products, platform costs and performance optionality for his clients.

FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT caters for a wide range of financial services, of which ‘portfolio construction’ was a large part. A passion for portfolio management arose as he began creating bespoke solutions and blending various investment vehicles to meet investment objectives for their end clients. This included and still includes a blend of multi-managed solutions across a variety of asset management companies.

Hedge Fund allocations were made

In 2009, FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT using FAIRTREE CAPITAL’s (renamed FAIRTREE ASSET MANAGEMENT in 2017) funds, a separate FSP, started to introduce a portion of their client’s portfolio allocations toward hedge funds inside blended solutions. This protected client’s against downside risk and generated some great returns when markets were looking bleak.




Fairtree Invest was birthed

In 2011, FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT got their own Asset Management License and in 2012 FAIRTREE INVEST was born.

The heart behind FAIRTREE INVEST was to strategically create portfolio solutions by combining investment vehicles and instruments like; unit trusts, personal stock portfolios, banknotes and hedge funds, as well as a variety of others. Hedge Funds are not easily available to the public, and so these solution blends make them available within a portfolio construct. This combination truly brings something unique to the market with an incredible value-add to end clients through costing and performance.

FAIRTREE INVEST is a niche opportunity that was designed solely to “bridge the gap”. It acts as the link between Asset Managers and Financial Advisers, enabling them to focus on what they are doing best, individually. They noticed a gap in the industry between these two parties. It is impossible for a Financial Adviser who has a lot of clients, to: manage, advise, forecast and review each client’s portfolio on a regular basis. The Asset Manager also cannot individually consider the investment objectives of each investor in the fund they are managing. Blurring this line means, these parties are not solely focused on their eminent expertise and clients might not receive the absolute best of their distinctive skills. However, the need for holistic management of a client portfolio is still a need, so who should take up the task?

With FAIRTREE INVEST undertaking this for FAIRTREE PRIVATE CLIENT, it ensures unrivalled financial solutions to our end clients and excellent client relationships.

Our Story in Motion


“Because with us, it’s all about the journey.”

Fairtree Private Client (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. (FSP 12179)