Business Risk Assurance

Buy & Sell arrangements: The death and disablement of a partner may often necessitate that their estate be compensated for their share of the assets at a time when it may be inconvenient or disadvantageous to the surviving partner or partners to find the money. Our team of expertise will assist you in drafting the necessary documentation and solutions in the most efficient way.

Key Person Insurance: Almost every business has one or more persons among the staff members upon whom it depends heavily for its success. The premature death or disablement of a key person can result in a severe loss to a business. By virtue of such person’s skill, experience and training, they can often become very difficult to replace. Life assurance on the lives of such persons is a very sufficient way to provide for these losses.

Other solutions include: Pension and Provident funds, Group benefits, Contingent Liabilities, Debtor’s Cover, Business Overheads Cover, Income replacement, Loan Account Protection, Security for Loans.